About Us

We are a group of local people who are building on the success of Leominster Community Solar.

We’ve set up a new co-operative called Leominster Sunrise Co-operative (32283R) for this project, which will wholly own the solar array for the 20 year life of the project.

The founding directors are:

Cllr Felicity Norman, a Green Councillor for both Leominster Town Council and Herefordshire County Council.  Felicity lobbied for the school’s design to be as sustainable as possible and was a key advocate for a community owned solar array on the school.

Ann Ashley also lives just outside Leominster and is also a director of the successful Leominster Community Solar Co-op. She has a solar array in her garden and has planted 6,000 trees on land surrounding her home.  She was until recently Chair of Leominster in Transition, a local environmental group,  and has been involved with Felicity, in developing a sustainable Neighbourhood Plan for Leominster.

Ben Whittle is a renewable energy consultant with his own business living in Herefordshire, who has worked in solar installation for many years.  He formerly managed the Herefordshire branch of Southern Solar, a nationwide installation company.  He is also a director of Leominster Community Solar Co-op.

Eithne George is the company secretary of Sunrise and formerly a director of LCSC. Eithne works for Sharenergy, a co-operative that supports community groups in developing renewable energy co-operatives.