The Co-operative

The development of this project has been led by directors and members of the Leominster Community Solar Co-op, who are keen to spin off more successful renewable energy co-ops in the area. We hope to save over 720 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the life of the project and save the school thousands of pounds on their electricity bills. For live data see our Performance page

This spirit of mutual aid is very much part of co-operative ethics, which are:

– Co-operation among co-operatives

– Self help and self-responsibility

– Honesty and openness

– Autonomy and independence

– Opportunities for education

– Democracy and equality

– Social responsibility

– Member economic participation

– Concern for community

Co-operatives work on a one member one vote basis, irrespective of number of shares in the co-op.  Leominster Sunrise Co-op is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and it’s registration number is 32283R.  Co-operatives are governed by a set of Rules, rather than Articles and Memorandum of Association, as with companies.  Leominster Sunrise Co-op has adopted Sharenergy’s set of Model Rules for renewable energy co-ops, which are in use with over 38 other co-operatives.  A copy of these is available here: Rules of Leominster Sunrise.