Progress and repairs

Dear members,
A short update on the array; performance is broadly on target and we are pleased to report that panels were also recently cleaned to ensure that we maximise their efficiency.

The array produced comfortably in line with our predictions for the last quarter, 1st July-30th September (produced 25,736kWh compared to prediction of 25,595kWh).

The school has been using just over 50% of it in that period, the rest being exported to the grid. We would broadly expect this too, at this time of year, with the school empty over the summer holidays.

We have also had to replace two panels due to what appears to be stones dropped by birds!

Best wishes
Felicity, Ben & Rich

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2017 Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

As per our email communications, we would like to invite you to the next Leominster Sunrise Co-op Annual General Meeting, which will be held at Grange Court, Pinsley Road, Leominster, HR6 8NL at 7:30pm, on Thursday 15th June.

An Agenda and other papers will be distributed to members in the next few days.

Please note that if you are also a member of the Leominster Community Solar Cooperative, this meeting will preceded by the AGM for this society at 6:30pm in the same location.

Only members of each individual co-op are able to attend the formal business of each respective AGM, but as they will be run in succession, if you are a member of more than one, you will be able to attend each meeting.

Best wishes,

Felicity, Ben & Richard

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Live performance data

You can now access live and historical performance data of the Sunrise array. Click on the “Performance” button on the website or visit directly at the following link:


Many thanks to Ben for his hard work to make the link between the installation at the school and the inverter website.

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Good news on FIT payments

Good news at last! All submitted invoices for back dated FIT payments and export payments to the grid up to end of September this year have been paid by Co-op Energy.

AGM Minutes will be distributed soon.

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FIT Payment Date

We’ve heard from our FIT licensee that we should receive the back payments for the FIT in late July or early August, all being well.  That will be payments for 19 months of generation!

We look forward to seeing members at the AGM on 21st July and papers will be sent out next week.  Please RSVP if you haven’t done so already.

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FIT finally sorted!

After a record 18 months of questions from OFGEM and chasing on our part, they have finally completed our FIT accreditation process.  From when the application for preliminary accreditation was originally submitted, close to a year and 10 months have passed with no Feed in Tariff income, despite being operational from the end of October 2014.

According to the manager of the ROOFIT team, there are only 20 staff to deal with the thousands of applications that there have been over this period and clearly ours suffered as a result of this shameful under-resourcing.  Back payments of the FIT for this period will now be made, at the tariff agreed back in the summer of 2014.

Good news ahead of our forthcoming AGM.  Members will be contacted soon with the date and an invitation to stand for the board.

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First AGM & latest generation figures

Thanks to all those who attended the AGM on 16th July at Grange Court.  The minutes will be sent out to members shortly.

We’re very pleased to see from the latest meter readings that the system is doing well – we have produced over 58,580kWh by late July, so we are broadly on target to reach our goal of 76,770kWh by November (the first year’s generation).  Also, the school has so far been using almost all of it, which is great.  This will naturally dip now the summer holidays have started, but overall this shows the school is getting the maximum benefit out of the greener and cheaper electricity.

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FIT now locked in!

We’ve had confirmation today that our application to lock in the Feed in Tariff (FIT) from June this year, has been successful.  This means that we will receive the rate of 10.71p/kWh we generate, rather than the current FIT rate, which is 10.34p/kWh, (plus annual inflation for the 20 year FIT period).  This is line with what we had budgeted for, but nonetheless, given the bureaucracy involved in getting this FIT rate secured, is another milestone for the project.  It also takes us a step closer to being able to switch the array on. The school is due to be occupied from Monday, 3rd November, so we are chasing the Council to ensure that we can go live between now and then.

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We’ve done it! Share Offer Now Closed!

Many thanks to all those who have helped us reach our target.  It’s a real milestone to have attained. We’re now just waiting to hear back from the Council about the new switch on date, as it seems the hand over of the school has been delayed again. However, our director, Ben Whittle, is standing by to switch the array on at the earliest possible moment.  In the meantime we will get on with getting our paperwork in order, issuing share certificates and sending across the relevant information to HMRC so we can get Seed EIS certificates out shortly too.

Then we can start to think about a celebration!

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School handover delayed

We’ve just been told that the hand over of the school to the Council will be taking place at the end of this month, so we will have to wait until then to be able to switch on the array unfortunately.  We will keep you posted on this.

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