Launch a success & Share Offer Document now available

Thanks to all those who made it last night for the launch of the share offer.  Felicity Norman chaired the event and spoke about the history of the project, including the first Leominster Community Solar project.  Ann Ashley, another one of the directors also spoke about her commitment to renewable energy and reasons she has helped to develop the project.  Ben Whittle, the third director, then gave a technical overview of the project and the installation process so far.

We were very grateful that the Junior school bursar, Sandra Beaumont Pike, who will be bursar at the new school, was able to make it and spoke on behalf of the school.  Sandra said “It’s great when you go up on the first floor of the school, you get a great view down over the rows and rows of panels. It really is a massive array.  As bursar of the new school I’m obviously delighted about the contribution this will make to reducing school costs but also as a teaching resource, to build on the work we’re doing with energy monitoring with pupils through our Eco Schools commitment.  The educational opportunities are really exciting”.

Cabinet Member Philip Price also spoke warmly about the project and his keenness to see it succeed.  He had heard Jonathan Porritt speak at the Hay Festival about solar and what an important part of our energy future it is, with ever increasing energy prices.

Please download the share offer document and tell anyone you think might be interested about it! If you know of somewhere locally to you where a poster and some share offer documents might be spotted by like minded people, please get in touch.